6 Tips On How To Separate Real and Fake Nutrition Information

Welcome to Snack Like You Mean It, a blog where I will be sharing articles about nutrition and recipes, where a new community of food and nutrition lovers can read, exchange and discuss everything nutrition, health, fitness and lifestyle ❤

Nowadays, we live in a world where everyone is constantly reading or hearing about food and nutrition. It is so easy to de misinformed, since many sources of information are not the most credible, and usually come from an individual wanting to share their personal experience and monetize it, or any other information that isn’t backed up by scientific research. It is, therefore, crucial to remain critical and objective in front of things that you read on the internet, to make sure that the sources used are valid, that the writer has credibility, and that the information presented is logical.

One of the goals of Snack Like You Mean It is to share information about nutrition that is evidence-based and truthful, to help you separate what’s real and what’s untrue. As an (almost) nutritionist who has studied the field at University for 4 years, it is my duty to share the correct information with clients, patients, and anyone interested, all while abstaining from sharing false information.

To find out more about me, take a quick look at the about page.


Here are some tips to help you spot questionable information about nutrition:

  • Who owns the website/blog or wrote the article in question? Is it a health care professional (doctor, nutritionist, pharmacist, etc) who’s part of an Ordre (for example, the Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Québec for nutritionists who practice in Québec) that prevent sharing of false information. Is the author in question trustworthy?
  • Is the information based on the author’s personal experience or clearly cited scientific sources? All humans are different. A diet/exercise plan that works for one person might not necessarily have the same effects on another person. Besides, if an unqualified person is promoting a restrictive diet, there are many layers to that issue that should be questioned.
  • If you’re reading a study, who financed it? Is there a conflict of interest within the study? (Ex: tobacco companies financing a study that concludes that smoking is good for you when all other studies point towards the opposite).
  • Does the information in question come from a single study or multiple studies that have the same conclusion? The more studies that conclude the same thing, the higher the validity of this conclusion, and the more trustworthy the information is.
  • Was the study conducted on humans, animals or cells? Studies that are conducted on simple cells might not have the same effect in a bigger and more complex organism like the human body. That is also true for experiments done on animals: it might not have the exact same effect on humans since they are two different organisms, although some are more similar to humans than others. Take the example of lab rats versus chimpanzees.
  • Are they trying to sell you a quick fix? Does their claim sound too good to be true? Chances are, it is.


In case of any doubt, it is always easier to ask a trusted health care professional.


The reason why I chose this career path is my love for all things food, health and fitness. I believe nutrition is the best way to prevent many health issues. It is my duty to help those interested, how food works to fuel our bodies and why, what things need to be consumed in moderation or to be avoided, without completely restricting ourselves of the food we love. I also believe in not using ingredients that are in themselves constituted of a thousand other unpronounceable ingredients in my recipes.

So let’s snack like we mean it: like we love our bodies, like we want to live a balanced and happy lifestyle, like we are ready to feel great and energized, all while rejecting restrictive diets. Let’s do it!!

Embark on this journey with me. I hope you’re as excited as I am (probably not, but let’s pretend). It’s going to be so much fun.


Have an amazing day, and welcome to
Snack Like You Mean It! (@snacklikeyoumeanit on Instagram)


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