Recipe: Refreshing & Super Easy Watermelon Lemonade

What better excuse to make fruity drinks than the summertime, am I right? I absolutely love traditional lemonade and I do enjoy it from time to time, but sometimes I prefer to have a drink with no added sugar. My solution to this problem was to make watermelon lemonade!


  • approximately ¼ of a medium-sized watermelon;
  • ½ cup lemonjuice diluted with 3/4 cup water (total 1 and ¼ cup of diluted lemon juice).


  • Cut up watermelon in chunks so it fits in a blender;
  • Blend the watermelon and the lemon juice in the blender until there are no more chunks of watermelon left (thick liquid consistency like a smoothie or a slushie);
  • Strain out the pulp with a strainer (optional).


This makes approximately 3-4 servings depending on the glasses you use to serve. You may easily double, triple or quadruple the recipe (use the whole medium-sized watermelon) depending on the number of servings you’ll need.



I didn’t add any sugar to the recipe because personally, I think the sugar from the watermelon makes it sweet enough. It’s absolutely delicious and perfect to enjoy by the pool!

Feel free to play around with the proportions of watermelon and lemon juice until the taste is to your liking.


Have a lovely day, and happy 4th of July to our American friends!


M ❤

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