My name is Maria, and I’m (almost) a board-certified nutritionist, registered with the Ordre Professionel des Diététistes du Québec. As someone who is deeply passionate about nutrition and how it affects our health as humans, I felt a huge need to share everything I’ve learned in 4 years of University with those who are willing to lend an ear and discuss with me. I’m essentially a foodie who’s obsessed with the food aspect of health and fitness. I love trying new recipes and creating my own, as well as experimenting with foods from cultures and lifestyles that are different than my own.


Snack Like You Mean It was created in order to build a community of people who love food, and are interested in living a healthy lifestyle that is based on a balanced and quality diet, all while establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with food and body image.

In a world where anyone can say anything on the Internet, it is often difficult to separate the myths from the truths when it comes to nutrition facts. All insights, articles and advice posted on Snack Like You Mean It are evidence-based, with information provided from valid and high-quality scientific research publications.

Every human being is unique. One diet may work wonders for one person’s health, but that same diet may cause unwanted bodily reactions for another person, even if that person is of the same ethnicity, age, gender, etc. It is therefore crucial to take advice that come from personal experience with a grain of salt, and to seek help from a certified professional when in need.


Come along with me on my journey to exploring the world of food and how diet affects our lives, how to feel better on the outside by starting with what’s on the inside, and loving the body you’re in while aiming for new health and fitness goals.

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